Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jimmy Stewart Develops Conjunctivitis in Eyes-May Be Part of Herpes Virus

June 15, 2016

The cats are prone to the herpes virus flare-ups because they were exposed to the virus as kittens. We give them daily lysine but it still flared up and caused Jimmy Stewart to have conjunctivitis in both eyes. We had a visitor stay with us over the weekend and Jimmy was the only one to hide out in the basement all weekend. If the virus was already acting up but not noticeable, it's possible the stress from the visitor caused a flareup. 

Jimmy Stewart had a lot of grey goop in his eyes, had vomited, had diarrhea, wouldn't eat, and was run down. They are prone to the herpes virus, he most of all (he was the first to get it as a kitten and was the sickest.)  I will give them all extra lysine in case it is the herpes virus coming back.

Jimmy Stewart update: herpes virus causing conjunctivitis. Slight fever, slight dehydration. Now on daily antibiotics, eye drops, was given a cerenia shot to calm stomach from vomiting. And we have Mirtazapine and Cerenia pills to use as needed. He unfortunately was not well behaved at the vet and threw a fit during blood draw-just when I thought he was weak from the illness. He came home, rested. Seems worn out today (6/1616) but the eyes are less goopy. Eating fine. Blood work was normal.

Baby Has Cardio Visit Before Dental Surgery Where It Is Discovered She Broke a Tooth-Ouch!

June 5, 2016

Baby and tiny broken tooth
This is what a good cardiologist does-looks beyond the heart at the whole patient. I'm writing up the updated history of Baby for the cardio visit tomorrow and I noticed two things the cardio found last year the regular vet had not: that Baby had gastro issues (from the xray) and that Baby had asthma (from the xray.) Both of these discoveries explained many symptoms. Hopefully, there's nothing to discover that is wrong this year but I was happy last year (sort of) that two reasons for Baby not feeling well were finally labeled and I could have the regular vet address them.

June 6, 2016

Baby had her cardio check-up today before dental surgery and all is well. So I called and moved up the dental surgery to this coming Wednesday. Today was the first time back to the cardio's office since Myrna died in August. It doesn't feel like ten months have gone by and it felt odd to go and not take her. But it was also odd to leave with a cat that was healthy. They asked how I was since Myrna died; there were hugs. It was good to be back. There are three more visits this summer for Elizabeth, Katharine, and Bette.

June 11, 2016

Baby's dental surgery went well Wednesday. It wasn't resorption but a broken tooth. Not sure how that happened. All other teeth in good shape. She came through it well. Came home six hours later after recovery; a bit wired from pain meds but ate immediately and continues to do well. Seems better as you can imagine there must have been pain with a broken tooth.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More On Controlling and Monitoring the Heat, Humidity and How to Keep Cats Cool

Temperatures can be deceiving. It may be nice outside but a house or car can create retain heat from the sun even if temps outside are cool, reasonable, and breezy. Right now, it's about 75, slightly windy, and cool outside with low humidity. But inside, it's over 80, hot, and stuffy. Even with an open window (while I'm home) it's not enough to keep the inside of the house and the cats cool. With windows closed, it would be unbearable for the cats.
When we are gone, we pull shades, run fans in locations that stir the air and place them where they won't create a hazard for the cats (you don't want paws playing with blades; and you want to make sure no other items can get near the fan to create a hazard, or an electrical short, or fire hazard.) There is one window where we can run a portable AC unit and not be worried about someone breaking in (and there are various means one can use to stop a window from being opened any further.) (Portables that exhaust moisture out through a hose [as opposed to dripping water out through a hose or into a bucket] are nice because a screen doesn't need to be removed from the window for the exhaust system to work.)
When we are home, we pull shades, open certain windows, run fans, and run portable AC units (see previous post.) When Myrna was still with us, I only opened windows when a cool but not cold or hot and humid breeze came through because too cold and too humid air created congestion issues for her. I used a portable table thermometer to track temp and humidity. I could set it in the window to see what was the actual temp as she sat in the window (the temp was always different from actual outside and room temp.) Sun and shade in a window or room will create different temp situations and humidity levels that may make it difficult for your HCM or any cat or pet to breathe. Monitoring indoor temps with the portable thermometer allowed us to quickly make adjustments for Myrna's health.
Here's a suggestion for a portable room thermometer, similar to what we use:

Annual Heat Advisory-Keep HCM COOL!

It's that time of year when I advise you to keep your HCM cat as cool and as humid free as possible (or warm if it's the winter season where you are.) Run fans, dehumidifiers, and AC (portable or other types) as often as you can. Make sure filters and water buckets are clean and free of mold and mildew (each item has different needs.) Run the AC at about 72 degrees: too cold or too hot and the cat may have a difficult time breathing, and remaining comfortable. You don't want to create breathing issues and you don't want to cause stress reactions in the body to heat and humidity. Good luck!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Jimmy Stewart Gets Large Pink Bumps on Front Paws Possible Allergy

Jimmy Stewart

Jimmy Stewart woke up this morning and had large pink bumps on both front legs.  His face around his mouth and his ears were also slightly pink. He wasn't acting himself. So, off to the vet we went.
The vet said it is an allergy-either food, contact allergy, or ringworm.  They did blood work, tested for ringworm, and sent him home to take antihistamine (half of one 10mg Claritan, once a day.) 

Jimmy's blood work was fine but he's low on potassium for some reason. We are not sure why he would be low on potassium: disease, dehydration, inability to absorb nutrients (which is what Katharine's problem has been.)  Vet thinks it could be the Methigel acidified we give for his bladder. It was to help keep the pH level balanced. We are to take him off of it and retest in a month. We weren't suppose to give a potassium supplement but he seemed too run down. So, we are using Renal K powder, one full scoop, once a day, mixed into his food for a week. 

Meanwhile he's perked up on antihistamine but the vet is concerned because he shouldn't have and thinks that could indicate other more serious issues that produce histamine such as tumors. Again we will wait and see how the skin lesions respond before having a biopsy.


Jimmy continues to respond well to the antihistamine. The lesions are pale pink and the pink around his mouth and ears has disappeared. He's perked up so the antihistamine and potassium may be improving his condition. 

Vetri Science Feline Immuntherapy to Katharine and Baby for Black Spots

We are using these two products with Baby and Katharine to help their immune system fight off the virus causing black lesions on their ears (earlier posts.) We have been giving the liquid for three weeks and see good improvement in Katharine but little so far in Baby. But Baby's ears are covered in more black marks so more time is needed. We ordered from 1-800 Pets for $20 a bottle including shipping cost. Base price $14.49.

Friday, April 8, 2016

March 22 Seventh Birthday for the "Kittens" and First Without Myrna Loy

The kittens were all born March 22, 2009. Myrna Loy, their sister, died August 19, 2015.

Here are siblings-Katharine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, and Bette Davis.

Katharine Hepburn

Jimmy Stewart with his friend Harvey

Bette Davis 

Elizabeth Taylor