Wednesday, December 18, 2013

So Far All's Fine-Merry Christmas!

While I'm working on writing HCM info and trying to redo the blog (but it's still there and operational), I'm also busy with Christmas-as I'm sure we all are-and of course there was Hanukkah-and currently, there's not much to report. Cats are doing fine and Miss Myrna Loy seems very stable. She'll see the cardio Jan. 4. We've got the heat up and the space heater going at night (oil burning type not the old fashioned exposed heating element type.) There are blankets and cat beds on floors and our radiators to keep her and all of them warm. Keep your HCM cats warm/cool, comfortable. And as you prepare to be busy for the holidays, keep in mind your HCM cat might not be able to take the stress of a lot of Christmas decorations and boxes being moved around and unpacked (not that they would be afraid of them but that even the natural aspect of curiosity causes anxiety, raises the blood pressure. And the noise and the general disturbance will add to anxiety.) Visitors, parties, and the "noise, noise, noise" (not that I'm being the Grinch mind you) will create anxiety and stress. Try to anticipate what will happen in your home and take care to mitigate the situation to reduce the disturbance and the stress for your cat. Keep up the med schedule even as you attend parties, visit family and friends. Check with your cardio or vet to see if your cat can travel if you want to take the cat with you. It may not be able to travel and if not, a caretaker who can give the meds on time must be found. So, plan ahead. Good luck!

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