Thursday, February 24, 2011

Prozac Catnation Part 2

Jimmy Stewart

Well, after 19 days without Prozac, still continuing the behavioral training methods, and while he was urinating in the boxes either upstairs or downstairs without spraying out of the box, with a bladder that did not grossly enlarge with urine he was unable to eliminate until he was 18 hours overdo to go, and not seeming anxious, Jimmy woke up on Tuesday and decided to begin spraying out of the box! That was a sign to begin Prozac treatment again.

This time, we are using a liquid compounded script and giving him a much lower dose than we could control with the pill.  I have him .125 ml on Tuesday and Wednesday but by Wednesday afternoon, his bladder was enlarging and he wasn't going. There's a difference between not wanting to spray out of the litter box, and not being able to eliminate at all. He finally went later in the evening.

Today, I gave him .1 ml.  Instead of giving him meds every other day (a suggestion from his vet which didn't make sense) I decided to give him a lower dose each day which means he will receive a leveled amount each day and not experience any sharp peaks and long troughs as the med wears through his system.

We will now see how the bladder is affected on the lower dose.  There was a vast difference between a 1/4 tab and the reaction of the bladder when it would balloon early in the day but not allow him to eliminate and the lower dose of the med which allows the bladder to have a gradual increase of fluid. But will he still be able to eliminate in a timely manner without creating an infection in his bladder?

He had an ultrasound in July when this inappropriate elimination issue began. He may need another one to see if there is a physical difference in the bladder caused by the Prozac.

Meanwhile, we take it one day at a time.

Myrna, by the way, is doing very well.

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