Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prozac Cat Part 2

Jimmy Stewart
It's been a week without Prozac for Jimmy and he's doing fine.  A bit anxious sometimes, more playful at others, once in a while wants a lot of cuddling. 

His attacks on the others, especially Myrna (HCM) happens from time to time but they are not violent, just strong. We mitigate the situation by separating the cats even when things are quiet but especially when I can tell he's riled up. There may have been one or two slight marking instances but they were slight and difficult to pinpoint-could only get a whiff of something suspect and so I cleaned the area. 

He was going only about every 18 hours for a few days and then began on Saturday or Sunday to go q 12 hours approximately.  We are monitoring to see if there are any health issues involving the bladder. But if we can get him on a schedule, give him water by mouth to help flush out his bladder, then I think he will be on the mend.  Once he goes more often and seems to do well off Prozac, if we think he needs it again we will start him on a very low dose and begin monitoring urine frequency all over again. If we can keep him off of drugs, that's even better. I do however, feel that I'm on tenterhooks waiting for things to resolve or get worse.  I can only pray that God takes over the situation and helps me know what to do.

Here's the strange thing: his bladder-which I can feel in the very back of his stomach area-isn't as full as it was while on Prozac even when he hasn't gone for over 12 hours.  There must be something about Prozac in the chemistry of it that acts like a diuretic, drawing the water from the body to the bladder and making it quite abnormally large or full. No one knows what I'm talking about but I can only tell you what I've felt and there is a difference post Prozac.

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