Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 2010 and How Well Myrna Is Doing

August-So far, the summer has been peaceful and without incident. We have watched, noted, prayed, and are ever vigilant for any signs of illness. She returns to her cardiologist this week for a check-up and will have her renal values checked at the vet.

We have begun brushing all the cats' teeth to stem off gingivitis and plaque.  To ward off infection, I brush Myrna's teeth first so that germs from the other cats do not transfer to her. The brush is cleaned afterwards with hot water. 

She was due in July for her annual rabies and distemper shot.  The cardiologist said she was well enough to receive them.  The vet recommended splitting the shots because shots normally have an affect on cats and could cause lethargy.  This would help Myrna's body deal with one thing at a time instead of the effects of both shots at once.  The doctor was required to administer the rabies shot but a tech could give the distemper shot so that we could bring Myrna back at any time without a doctor's appointment.  We split the shots.  Myrna received the rabies and a month later, the distemper.  She was fine after both.

We continue to give her Revolution as she seems to have no other medical issues. 

There was only one thing that could be a concern-her temp keeps rising. It was around 102 a few months ago and has slowly crept up to 102.8, the high end of normal.

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