How to Brush a Cat's Teeth
Starring Myrna Loy and Katharine Hepburn (cats)

How to Pill a Cat
Starring Myrna Loy (the cat)

Meet Our Cat Family

Photo Montage of Myrna Loy and Siblings (the cats)

Myrna Loy and Elizabeth Taylor-Just a Bit Too Close  (the cats)

Myrna Loy Being Vocal and Being Cute (the cat)

Cats Playing with iPad Piano Program

Cooper Playing with iPad Piano Program

Cats Playing with iPad Mouse Program

Cats Play with New Toys

No One Likes the Song-Myrna Cries in Protest to My Singing

Supplies you might need to care for a cat-non alcohol/scent wipes; thermometer and petroleum jelly; eye drop and 3ml syringe; shampoo; and antiseptic wipes

Chlorhexidine is a great antiseptic wipe for scratches, mild skin infections or irritations, and for wiping the skin before injections

I like to keep things organized. Daily pills are in containers and in a tray on the counter for easy grabbing of pills

To be better organized for Myrna's pills, I use a seven day, four times a day pill holder.

To be better organized in the frig, to help grab things with ease, and to prevent clutter, I use trays and a box to hold the supplements, toothpaste, and meds.

To keep cupboards organized, I like to use stackable trays to hold wipes, shampoo, brushes, etc. 

This is another type of tray I use in the cupboard to keep things tidy.

I use a box and trays in the cupboard to hold the daily meds and supplements.
I bought this box set at Amazon. It was cheaper at Amazon than at the store.  And the set was far cheaper than the typical pet food bowl stand.  We use the larger stand to hold the bowl up for our taller cat. It helps him eat with ease.  The other two stands I can use for meals/parties. 

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