Saturday, July 8, 2017

Safe Cat Tent-Good for Ground or Deck

We bought this from Amazon and have used it this week. Cats are getting used to it but they are calmer in it than the round nylon/mesh extra large pet tent I bought last summer. The mesh is small enough to keep out all bugs. Light weight enough to move around. Nothing to put together. Just push and pull until it snaps into place-slightly difficult but not prohibitive. Tall enough that they mustn't feel confined since they are calm. I put it in the shade on the grass during the day (I stay in the yard and garden but don't feel that I can leave them alone.) Then I put it on the deck at night so that the skunks don't get near it. Need to buy tent stakes which unfortunately don't come with it. But I have long metal stakes I can use. Be careful-there is another one that is similar (both are sold at Amazon and other online sites) but the mesh is larger and bugs get through.

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