Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kedi-The Movie

In March, we saw the film "Kedi" about the lives of cats in Instanbul. Kedi is cat in Turkish. There are thousands of cats that live on the streets in Instanbul and elsewhere in Turkey. It's supposed to be a sweet, cute cat picture that also somewhat discusses their issues of living on the streets. I found it difficult to watch knowing that in general, they were mostly orphaned, many depending on humans to feed their colonies; many dying of disease (cancer is mentioned); seeing poor, abandoned, sick kittens or poor kittens with their mother at the mercy of the elements. We see one poor almost dead kitten that a male cat had beaten up. There was no mention of spay/neuter, catch/release programs; no mention of vaccines against rabies and such; no mention of fleas that must be rampant or the need to control; or the smell of waste that must be everywhere (cats will urinate against anything for sure but there's a lack of dirt in the city [which is mentioned] for them to deposit waste.) The cats originally came from ships that docked in Instanbul from around the world and the population grew unchecked over hundreds of years. There are a few cats with distinct personalities that are mentioned and followed. The filming is unique. It's at the ground level and follows the cats, somehow into the holes and hideaways where they exist. We also hear from the many humans that interact with the specific cats and others who feed colonies. It is worth watching so do see it if you can or Netflix, Hulu, etc.

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