Saturday, July 8, 2017

Constant Vomiting and Diarrhea-Dangers, Causes, and Solutions

Cat vomiting or has diarrhea? If your HCM cat has become a chronic vomiter, (or has chronic diarrhea) it is potentially a bad sign of further heart failure, which has led to a decline in kidney function, which has allowed toxins to build up in the body. Or it could be a medication, or a clot, or too much or too little of an electrolyte (sodium, potassium are key). Supporting the kidneys is key. Giving your cat an overall vitamin, additional potassium, vitamin E, C, and iron will help support kidney function. Using Cerenia to combat nausea, and Zantac or other stomach acid calming medications, will ease the stress (discuss with your vet what is available and what is best, safe, and how much to use.) Combating diarrhea (another symptom of heart/kidney failure or of too much fiber or too much/too little of sodium or potassium) will help your cat eat, maintain weight, and maintain balanced electrolytes (which are depleted with chronic vomiting and diarrhea.) "Natural" ways to combat diarrhea are rice, rice water, banana, sweet potato mashed and put into food. Rice water can be given by mouth or added to food. You could use the baby food versions of banana and sweet potato (if they are plain) and add to food or cut with a bit of water and give by mouth; or cut canned sweet potato with water and give by mouth or add to food. These are all good binding agents. Baking soda will calm stomach acid but cats are not fond of it. (Is anyone?)
It's a see-saw: too little or too much potassium can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Too little hydration due to lasix (because we want to get rid of excess body fluid) will, also because with dehydration comes depletion of electrolytes.
One day you must give a potassium supplement, fiber, and water by mouth; suddenly the next day you find the cat is sick and you must skip the potassium, fiber, and water by mouth. Your cat may need stomach calming meds (listed above) for days; then suddenly seem fine for another week until it begins all over again. We went through this with Myrna in her last weeks.
Remember to always make sure your cat eats enough each day to maintain a decent weight. Cats that do not eat all day will be too run down to begin eating on their own again. Always give some water, tuna juice, plain meat broth, and sugar water (1/8 tsp per 3 oz of water mixed well-less if the cat is diabetic or has greatly lost kidney function) by mouth of 6-9oz four times a day until the cat begins eating enough on its own.
Here are three links to websites with more information.

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