Thursday, October 13, 2016

Roxanne Tries Prozac

Roxanne goes today for the final distemper/rabies shots. It's been a month since her first set. She is receiving a set of them as if she had never had them since no one was able to find if she ever did receive them as a kitten.

We also have been giving her Prozac (compounded into a liquid given by mouth) last three weeks. We began with .1ml for a week but that proved to be too much because it led to urine retention-inability to urinate normally and only going every 12 or so hours. I could feel the bladder was enlarged. And she seemed hyper. I then gave her .07 which seemed to work better for her. It took the edge off from her anxiety and she was no longer crying at the windows or doors every second to go out. She was also able to urinate more normally and did not seem to have an enlarged bladder/urine retention. Now, she is taking .09. I'm titrating up based on what I believe are symptoms of anxiety while also making sure the increase does not interfere with her bladder.

An issue we had with Prozac being too bitter and making her foam at the mouth. Jimmy is on the same formula but does not have any issues with it. We had the pharmacy remake it and they also used Bitter Stop. While less bitter, even this made her foam. So, I now syringe up some liquid pet food after I syringe the Prozac. I also dip the syringe into the cat food, coating the outside of the syringe, making it more palatable. It leads to less foaming. I have to do the right steps: give her the good tasting immune therapy liquid via syringe first, saving some for last. Then I give the Prozac, quickly followed by the immune liquid. It decreases the foaming by 90%. We may have it made next time with a different paste, much like how the antibiotic was made. Or we can use a transdermal-cream you put on the cat's ear. But I can't titrate the med once it is transdermal. So, we'll see how this goes.

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