Thursday, August 25, 2016

Roxanne Gets One Year Distemper Nasal Drops

Update on Roxanne: Rox will receive Azithromax antibiotic to fight bartonella (cat scratch fever.) The med is a once a day, oral liquid, antibiotic used to fight bartonella-cat scratch fever-and other illnesses. Ordered it from Wedgewood Pharmacy (mail order in NJ) and paid extra for next day, and it arrived today. She is expected to need only one course of a 21 day regime. Rox does not have a fever but since she seems run down, she only received the distemper Wednesday, the rabies and leukemia will be next week. The distemper the vet used is a nasal drop. She chose that because it's a one year vaccine. Since we do not know what vaccines she had as a kitten or when was the last distemper, a one year is safer than a three year. Next year, she will receive a three year distemper. And the added benefit is that the drops help fight upper respiratory disease/issues such as her conjunctivitis.

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