Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Recent Updates with Our Cats

From Facebook posts:

Cats are fine so far this summer. Dealing with the latest heat by staying in the basement, even when we run fans and portable AC units upstairs.  They are getting rabies, distempers shots; surviving dental surgery (Baby and Elizabeth); and Elizabeth, Baby, and soon Katharine, have/will have visits to the cardio for checkups.


Watching the political party conventions makes me wish Feline HCM could be a platform issue: more funding for helping families and cats in need!

Elizabeth had her bad tooth (resorption lesion) removed yesterday and got through just fine. (Her cardio echo from two weeks ago showed she has no heart disease.) She came home, bounced around; and ate, and ate, and ate...I don't think she's stopped yet. All other teeth looked good they said.


Why I don't like "natural" or homeopathic choices that replace meds for your HCM cat: when it comes to most meds, you can't get enough of a "natural" choice down your cat to equal the effect of a small pill. Case in point (and I've posted about this in the last few years): Dandelions as a diuretic. You can't get enough tea down a cat to equal lasix. This site suggests to equal 40mg of lasix, drink 4 cups of tea-that's 32oz of fluid or 950ml. Most cats take 20mg or more of lasix a day. Myrna was on 100mg in the last year. So, you can see how difficult it would be to get 16oz-64oz of fluid down a cat a day. It's still a diuretic, will still tax the kidneys, will still cause dehydration. It's not necessarily gentler. Both will promote drinking, and getting rid of salt and fluid.


I never want to say that Myrna's passing made my life easier. That's not what I think when I think of her. I remember where she would sit, curl up, how she slept, and her routines. And I miss all of them. I miss the endless drugs, drug preps; breathing monitoring; the litter box/treat time every 2-3 hrs. Etc. But I did allow myself this weekend to think that I was relieved not to have put her through a three plus day of bombardment from July 4 weekend fireworks which would have and always did stress her out and gave me reason to worry. Those hours were difficult to mitigate but she did get through them, sometimes with treats; in the last couple of years with extra Valium. (For her!)


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