Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jimmy Stewart Develops Conjunctivitis in Eyes-May Be Part of Herpes Virus

June 15, 2016

The cats are prone to the herpes virus flare-ups because they were exposed to the virus as kittens. We give them daily lysine but it still flared up and caused Jimmy Stewart to have conjunctivitis in both eyes. We had a visitor stay with us over the weekend and Jimmy was the only one to hide out in the basement all weekend. If the virus was already acting up but not noticeable, it's possible the stress from the visitor caused a flareup. 

Jimmy Stewart had a lot of grey goop in his eyes, had vomited, had diarrhea, wouldn't eat, and was run down. They are prone to the herpes virus, he most of all (he was the first to get it as a kitten and was the sickest.)  I will give them all extra lysine in case it is the herpes virus coming back.

Jimmy Stewart update: herpes virus causing conjunctivitis. Slight fever, slight dehydration. Now on daily antibiotics, eye drops, was given a cerenia shot to calm stomach from vomiting. And we have Mirtazapine and Cerenia pills to use as needed. He unfortunately was not well behaved at the vet and threw a fit during blood draw-just when I thought he was weak from the illness. He came home, rested. Seems worn out today (6/1616) but the eyes are less goopy. Eating fine. Blood work was normal.

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