Thursday, October 29, 2015

Katharine Has Developed Infection of the GI Tract

Last week, Katharine had a gastro blood panel-pancreatitis, B12 absorption test, and folate level test-due to her vomiting issues which have been worse for the past year than before; and due to her excessive hunger-both of which were noted last year and we've been monitoring. The results show normal pancreas levels at 1.1, and normal B12 of over 1000 but abnormally high folate: 41.1 and the high norm is 21.6. This indicates bacteria growth and inflammation in the GI tract. They will treat with the antibiotic Metronidazole for a month and she is to receive Fora Flora, a probiotic powder, in her food. There are a host of problems that can cause inflammation and the inflammation can lead to numerous complications. Since all other blood work in the CBC/chem panel was normal, there are no other signs of any disease or complications at this time. We will see how she does on the antibiotic. It won't be fun getting this into her. She's the squirmy one. Then in two months or so we will recheck folate levels. And then we will have a gastro scan.

Who, me?

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