Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Jimmy Has an Annual Checkup

Update on cats: Jimmy had his annual physical late September and his blood work is great. His fructosamine-blood sugar level test-is normal. Last year it indicated hyperglycemia or a pre-diabetic condition that could become diabetes. This condition can cause sudden urination when sugar builds up in the urine and the bladder becomes suddenly full, and the cat needs to suddenly go. This may have been one reason for his out of box accidents which he had on occasion despite taking Prozac (since 2010) to help him use the litter box. We changed his diet to decrease his carb intake (carbs become glucose) by changing him to pate' type of food and not gravy based food (or food that is more wet than compact.) It worked out well. This week-Bette and then Elizabeth then Katharine in October. Baby goes in November.

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