Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Annual Check-up and Rabies Shot Time

Jimmy had an annual check-up in September and he is well but needs more dental surgery.  He has another tooth with resorption which will need to be removed.  The tooth is not too far along so we will wait until November.  

The three girls have had their check-ups in October. Bette and Elizabeth are both doing well. The three girls all had Benadryl prior to their shots because two years ago, Bette had an allergic reaction and ended up in the ER (fever, vomiting.) We forgot to give it to Jimmy this year but he was fine. Giving Benadryl prior to a shot helps to prevent or decrease any allergic reactions.  We believe Bette had a reaction to the two shots she received-distemper and rabies. The distemper is every three years but we don't know if she was allergic to one of the shots or became allergic because she received both of them at the same visit. 

Katharine saw the vet today and blood work will be in tomorrow but she looked good to the vet. She will get an additional gastro blood panel on Friday-cobalamin (vitamin B12 and folate) and Pancreatic Lipase Immunoreactivity or PLI, and there's a third which I do not recall.  These tests are to make sure she is not having trouble absorbing nutrients, and does not have any gastro inflammation.  For over a year now, Katharine has constantly begged for food.  She also vomits up a lot of food, sometimes with a hairball, sometimes because she has digested something she should not have such as paper.  We discussed the problem last year with the vet but decided to wait to do the extra blood work.  Since the issue has not changed, and giving a daily dose of Laxatone has not helped to prevent vomiting up of hair, now is a good time to go forward with more testing.  She may also have a scan of the gastro tract in the coming months to see if there is any inflammation or thickening or physical changes that need to be addressed. 

Then there is Baby. Not sure what is wrong with Baby but she's not eating at all today; not eating enough most days unless she is given Mirtazapine. This has been going on for the last few weeks. Usually, she receives Mirtazapine once a week on Sunday or Monday but this week she was eating enough until today. She stays put in the bedroom, rarely venturing downstairs. Katharine intimidates her and fights with her which sends Baby back up stairs. We've had to permanently separate them for months now, alternating which one sleeps where, which one is in which part of the house with us. 

Baby's annual check-up is in two weeks but she may need an extra visit if this continues despite Mirt. I need to readdress the supplements she takes for her gastro/BM issue (not sufficiently digesting hair or passing hair in the bowel system) and what she receives for her kidney support. Perhaps something is upsetting her system. I will begin to make up some food and supplement her eating and feed her PO (by mouth) so that she has some nutrients in her. 

She may need a psychotropic.  Or I will. Could go either way. 

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