Thursday, August 20, 2015

Myrna Struggles in the ER

In ER with Myrna. BR 50 plus and up to 60 after trying to feed PO and meds. She's been uncomfortable all day despite Valium. Lasix injections and torsemide not working well enough.

Note from vet tech-"Myrna expressed her anal glands" to display her unhappiness at being I the ER. She has never done that, 

Myrna to have right side tapped but not left due to enlarged left atrium. Vet called cardio and they talked. Will sedate slightly. Leave on oxygen a bit more. Test pulse ox-oxygen in blood which tells how well oxygen is being picked up in pulmonary vein/artery and circulating in body.not even at home! BR here is 56.

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