Saturday, August 1, 2015

Myrna Is Only Doing OK, Not As Well As She Should; More Information About Kidney Function-and Other Updates from Facebook posts

Facebook post Friday, July 31, 2015

Myrna vomited up a lot of dark liquid this afternoon which could be a sign of another clot in the stomach that passed through. She didn't eat much yesterday and nothing today until this evening. Once again, I found that more Pepcid and more Valium did the trick to soothe and calm her so that she can relax and recover. She made it through a busy week-we had company, a 9 yr old and a 15 yr old; and she made it through hot and humid weather, fans and AC units without any other issues.

Facebook post Tuesday, July 28, 2105 

Well, so far, so ok. Myrna had a great last week then slowed down by the weekend, vomited Monday but recovered so it may have been a one off. Eating comes and goes. Gave Mirtazpine once in two weeks. We have company but she's handling their visit.

Facebook post Monday, July 20, 2015

I've posted this before and there is a link from the blog to this site about feline CKD-kidney disease. This is the site from which I found information on what vitamins and supplements to give Myrna for kidney function (a list is here in Notes and in the Med tab at the blog) and information about adding sodium which I gave Myrna on Friday. Because HCM cats are on diuretics (if not yours should be to prevent CHF) and especially as Myrna's lasix doses increased last year and she was eventually put on Torsemide in late December, they do need vitamins and minerals and supplements to improve kidney function. 
Kidney function processes the diuretics as well as other meds and supplements not only given but found in food. As the body processes and filters what we ingest, it also turns things into other things as things are broken down (very complex system.) These various things get filtered by the liver and kidneys, sometimes both, sometimes a part of something is broken down and filtered by just one organ, usually the kidneys. 
The kidneys bare the burden for a lot of filtering/processing work, turning things found in our blood into other things passed along in blood and other things that are turned into urine. They also help balance our electrolytes-potassium, sodium, glucose, magnesium, chloride, bicarb-which in turn are necessary for heart function, blood pressure, body processes, how we feel, if we can eat, etc. Too low and we are faint, we are sick-vomiting, diarrhea-feeling ill; too high and we are faint, we are sick, feeling ill, etc. Being sick or dehydrated can create low electrolytes. Low electrolytes lead to lower heart and kidney function which can make us sick, etc. See the cycle? You can read more about the kidneys at Wikipedia or Google for endless websites. I like Wikipedia for the endless links to other information.

Facebook post Sunday, July 19, 2015
It's hot and muggy in the US this time of year so keep your HCM cats out of the humid, muggy, dense heat and out of the muggy, dense cool night air. No opened windows, no going outdoors. Run fans, portable AC units if you can, close shades to keep out the sun, don't let them linger in opened windows or even in the sunshine through the window. This weather can bring on congestion as dense air is difficult to breathe and the heat causes physical stress which causes congestion. Double whammy. Good luck!

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