Thursday, August 13, 2015

Herpes Virus Hits Jimmy Stewart-Baby Thyroid Level Decent but Goes for Ultrasound-Myrna Update

Facebook post August 13, 2015
Baby had a blood recheck last Friday and results came back and the vet called me Tuesday to say she's fine. Thyroid is 2.6 which is down from 2.8 in June which is good. She is scheduled to go for an ultrasound for the GI tract next week. She's swollen and I was afraid she was retaining fluid and was suffering liver or kidney damage. No, (thank goodness) she's just fat and gained a pound since June. This, despite not eating. So, what does she eat if she's not eating? 

Jimmy vomited last night and now has goopy runny eyes. Chances are that the herpes virus they are prone to has hit him. And this, after he spent the last two nights upstairs with us and Baby and Myrna. I hope they do not get sick. I don't think either of them are a carrier because he was the first to contract it as a kitten and it spread to all the siblings but at the time, not the older two cats (Baby and Cooper.) They are all on daily lysine doses but the virus raises its ugly head from time to time. Signs are running eyes, red eyes, vomiting, fever, etc. Solution: extra lysine doses for all of them and antibiotics when needed. He's on twice a day Clavamox.

Myrna isn't eating well again and I have given her 1/2 Mirtazapine.  She's eating some treats but not enough on her own the last two days.  Since Jimmy's sick, I don't want her to stop eating if she's also sick. 

Facebook post August 10, 2015
Myrna's been well this past week, still eating, still breathing fine. She had a vomiting episode Friday night so we waited for half of an hour then redosed Torsemide, Valium, and Pepcid. Then I redosed the rest of the 6 p.m. meds a couple hours later after making sure she wasn't going to vomit again. It may have been caused by anything but I don't think it was too serious as she had been eating before and did eat after the episode. While she hasn't been active since I last noted her activity August 4, she isn't worn out.

Facebook post August 4, 2015
Myrna's been eating very well the last two days and today for the first time in maybe two weeks, has played more than once with her catnip toys. She even tossed around her catnip potato toy and chased after it. Thank the Lord for another day, and for the moments of energy.

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