Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Myrna Loy Suffers from GI Tract Issue-May Be Bleeding

Again, Myrna is not eating and is probably suffering from a GI issue, maybe a clot in the GI tract. She stopped eating early yesterday; breathing rate ramped up; and it stormed. I thought perhaps it was just the breathing rate which I kept fighting with extra torsemide. But she was uncomfortable yesterday and more so today. She has black watery stool, caused either by the iron once again or she is bleeding in the GI tract. Today, she is breathing well but uncomfortable and not eating. I've been hand feeding her every two hours. She hasn't vomited but I can't give her a lot all at once because she begins to smack her lips as if she will vomit. I've given baby beef food, tuna juice, and sweetened condensed milk (with water.) She's had extra Pepcid for stomach acid, Cerenia for nauseousness, and Valium to make her comfortable. I have cut back on the iron and skipped the aspirin.  The cardio suggests that we also use sucralfate-an ulcer medication; and cyproheptadine, a type of antihistamine that is used as an appetite stimulant for cats. I will call the regular vet tomorrow to get the sucralfate to see how she responds to that and wait on the other for the moment.

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