Monday, July 6, 2015

Cat with HCM Deals Well During Three Days of Fireworks-Extra Diuretic/Valium

July 3, 2105  

Due to Michigan's three day holiday rule for fireworks-per EVERY friggin holiday (including Christmas and New Year)-fireworks in the neighborhood, by actual neighbors only inches away (can you tell I hate the law?) began going off last night and will heat up tonight and again tomorrow. To keep Myrna calm, I gave her extra Valium and extra diuretic at 9 p.m., in between her six pm and midnight meds. We ran fans and the portable AC unit to make enough noise inside that it covered up the worse of the noise outside. Sure, the fireworks are pretty but also pretty loud and I need to keep her calm.

 July 6, 2015

Myrna made it through the three day holiday of fireworks in the neighborhood. She needed two doses of Valium Saturday night but only one extra last night. But because CHF can sneak up on her, as if at the end of an event that creates stress, I have her extra Torsemide (diuretic) today, just in case she might need it. So far, so good.

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