Sunday, June 21, 2015

Unknown Fever Origin Sends Cat to Vet

Baby, our oldest, had really perked up and changed after two weeks on Pepcid as recommended by her cardio after we discussed how she vomits up a lot of hairballs despite Laxatone and special feline fiber food which is suppose to help her digest and pass hair through her GI tract.  

But then last Wednesday she refused to eat.  I gave her water and tuna juice by mouth but had to hand feed her Thursday because she refused to eat anything.  Myrna was going to the vet so I made an appointment for Baby for Friday to see her regular vet.  

Turns out she was sick with fever which explains her issue. She had an enlarged node-sign of illness (wasn't there two weeks or a week ago.) Not sure what it is or if contagious. Blood taken, results Saturday. Urine fine so no UTI. Got sub q fluids, Convenia shot of antibiotic. Not eating much. Doing mirtazapine for she and Myrna and may need to hand feed her as well. Am rechecking thyroid again. Soon may need GI tract scan to check for issues if things don't improve. 

Saturday-the vet called and said Baby's blood work doesn't show signs of illness so we are not sure what is going on. She's still only eating ok. BUT her thyroid is down to 2.8 from 3.1 and I believe it is due to the fact that Pepcid helped her eat all of her YD (the food has no iodine which is what hyperthyroid cats need to avoid.) We may need to take her for various GI tract scans and tests later this summer and we will continue to monitor her thyroid levels.
We will continue to monitor her progress.

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