Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pepcid for Cat Has Improved the Way It Feels, Eats, Acts

We have been giving Baby Pepcid all week and immediately have seen an improvement in her. She's not only eating all of her food but she's also eating mostly YD, the food she should only eat if she does have a thyroid issue (if there's a concern about the thyroid level increasing, the cat needs to decrease the intake of iodine and YD has no iodine in it.) AND she's also up and about and not hiding and is social. We never considered her to be classically "hiding" before but I guess she was. She would spend all day in the basement up on the top shelves or upstairs in a bedroom under a chair and would only come out once in awhile to barely eat and to barely be social. We have tried the Aerobat for her asthma a couple of times and that seemed to ease any wheezing we heard. We will continue to monitor her need for it and give it when it gets really hot and humid especially. And Myrna's doing very well still. We did give her the Aerobat a couple times but now it's cooled down and she doesn't need it. Nor did it seem to really change her breathing pattern so she may not yet need it.

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