Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Myrna Perks UP While Baby Goes on Steroids for Breathing Issues

Myrna continues to eat well on her own although with daily Mirtazapine. She's breathing well. And she perked up by Sunday so seems to have recovered well despite loss of blood in the lungs due to last week's tapping. I believe the iron supplement has helped the body rapidly replace enough red blood cells to perk her up again. If your cat's kidney values BUN and creatinine are creeping up, or if your cat is on high doses or a diuretic, introduce iron to the diet. One 1/2 tab of 65mg of iron a day to start; two 1/2 tabs a day if the numbers creep up; three 1/2 tabs a day if it looks as if the cat is heading into CKD-kidney disease. The iron is also helping her kidneys stay strong, work the diuresis process. That's why her numbers significantly improved from May to June.

Baby-she is now on steroid medication Prednisilone for her breathing as Myrna's albuterol isn't helping Baby breathe. The vet's going on the assumption that there's inflammation and we will see if it improves her breathing after a couple of weeks on the med. Baby can take it because the cardio said she's free of heart disease and it should be safe for her to take. Remember-HCM and heart disease cats CANNOT take steroid medication of any sort because it leads to fluid retention which is what we are trying to avoid.

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