Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Baby and Katharine Visit the Cardiologist

Katharine and Baby went to the cardio yesterday. Katharine will continue to have annual check-ups since she has a murmur. She has a gallop murmur when she's first anxious and that has been heard by other vets. But she has a regular murmur at the cardio once she calms down. But her heart is perfect so far. 

Baby saw the cardio because she's ten years old and the last time she went was in 2009 and only because after Myrna became sick, we decided that all of the cats should have heart echos for monitoring of condition.  I've had my concerns about her lately because she seems to not breathe well, not move well, not be able to see well.  But her eye sight has always be good at the vet's.  She's on Trixsyn or hylaruonic acid for mobility and it has seemed to help.   The cardio said her heart is perfect and the cardio doesn't think she'll develop heart disease unless she develops thyroid issues. Hyperthyroidism-as many of you have experienced with your cats-somehow creates heart disease. But she is slightly asthmatic!!   Something missed by her regular vet. And the cardio surmised that Baby's issues might be more GI tract and she may need to see an internist at Michigan State. But she also surmised that constant vomiting of hairballs may create or be due to stomach issues and perhaps some Pepcid might calm her stomach. So, there's no danger in trying it so I gave it to her last night and this morning. We gave the inhaler (Myrna uses it) of albuterol, also last night. Today, she is up and about and eating very well. So, perhaps it is a bit of both asthma and stomach acid that has made her feel run down lately. We will continue daily doses of albuterol and daily 1/4 of Pepcid. If she continues to improve, we will simply continue to monitor her for thyroid levels every few months and skip the internist. She can return to the cardio for a check-up in four to five years unless other issues with the heart and breathing are found.

I also gave Myrna some albuterol last night. It didn't change her breathing rate or pattern but the humidity is over 50% inside so I think it may be time to do it every other day if not every day until the humidity inside and out become more of a problem and interfere with her breathing.

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