Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Update on Myrna's Condition Post-Saddle Thrombosis

May 6, 2015 

Forgot to describe saddle thrombosis: cardio thought a shower of clots had broken off from the clots in the heart and traveled. One sat long enough in the hind leg artery and then suddenly caused pain. The clot wasn't large enough to stay but moved and went elsewhere or disintegrated. Luckily there was no damage. A similar clot may have entered the stomach artery and led to the vomiting which caused stomach acid.

May 7, 2015 

Over joyed that hungry cat wakes me at 5 am to tell me she wants food-and continues for the next three hours. Exhausted I am-but how can I complain?

May 8, 2015

She's doing well. Ate almost each hour from 2-6 am then again 10-1pm. Br ok, needs extra Torsemide on occasion. But up and about and then resting comfortably.

May 10, 2105 

Myrna's doing well enough. Eating well enough on her, still taking a bit of Cerenia and Mirtazapine. But now we need to give water by mouth because she's not drinking enough, which means the diuretic may not be working well enough, which means kidneys are not processing well enough, which leads to her increased breathing, which then leads to me giving more Torsemide. And we did an injection tonight to replace a dose which did work to ease her breathing a bit. I'm trying to get her through the weekend without the ER for tapping and will call the cardio Monday morning. She's not been tapped since 4/23 but may have needed it Friday but extra Tor got her through the day. She's quiet during the day still but not as run down as earlier in the week.  

May 12, 2015

Despite Mirtazapine yesterday and today, Myrna began not eating well enough last night. She had some treats overnight but wasn't eating enough this a.m. I decided to syringe some tuna juice and baby food again this afternoon. She's burping again. Either she's going to vomit from the syringing or there's another issue in the works like a clot.

But it has been a week since the last clot and no other issues.  It has also been 19 days since she last needed tapping to remove fluid. We are giving her 7.5mg Torsemide QID and 2.5 extra as needed once or twice a day.

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