Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Myrna's Vet Notes from May 5, 2015-Saddle Thrombosis Diagnosed

Vet's notes from May 5, 2015 visit:

"I have no explanation for Myrna's episode last evening other than a saddle thrombus.  The clot must have dissolved during her drive to AEC which allowed her to regain movement in her hind limbs and prevented accurate diagnosis with the testing that was performed (lactate measurement palpation of femoral pulses).  Her recent GI symptoms and general decline in energy make me concerned that she is experiencing small clots in her GI tract and/or elsewhere throughout her body. It is appropriate to continue general GI support with syringe feedings, mirtazapine, and Cerenia.  Today's echocardiogram revealed that she currently has only a mild amount of pleural effusion, which indicates that thoracocentesis is not of benefit Her left atrial dimension is stable compared to previous exams (currently 2.74cm) and there is no change in the disorganized clot that we have been monitoring in this chamber. Her left ventricular walls are thinning as a consequence of chronic fatigue (burn-out HCM.)
Myrna in recent days

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