Saturday, May 2, 2015

Myrna is Doing Better Despite Growing Heart Disease Issues-and Vet Now Charges Double for Grooming a Cat

Nineteen days since the cardio thought Myrna didn't have long to live; nine days so far since last tap; energy level fine and plays some; still eating well; urinating well; breathing well and needs extra diuretic on occasion. Things could change at any moment and the moment I relax they will. But I felt comfortable enough in the last few days to schedule the vet visit for Elizabeth we had last Wednesday, and grooming visits today for Baby and Katharine (two very fluffy cats), and some doctor appointments for me (that turned out to be scheduled for later in the month), and I even got out to see a movie-albeit after my husband was home.
As for grooming-the vet suddenly doubled the price for shaving. They now charge "per region" they said. $25 for one cat alone-stomach, rear, legs and tail near rear. For two minutes of work (granted Baby can and was a handful) they want $25 when it was $12. I don't know if that's a normal charge now but it's more than I care to spend.

Myrna and Jimmy her brother

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