Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Myrna Had Strange Anxiety Attack-Maybe a Clot Moved or Issue with Heart Function

May 26, 2015

Strange incident this afternoon: about two p.m. Myrna became vocal and needed a lot of attention and petting and was rolling over being "Cute". Which was fine but that quickly turned into "something's bothering me and I don't know what it is". She was breathing fine. But then she began to panic and tried to hide, kept going from room to room. Finally, I put her in our bedroom and closed the door. I tried to calm her to see what was the problem because I thought another clot incident was occurring. She seemed to lose use of her back legs again but when I picked her up and checked toes and paws, she was pink and warm. When I put her down, she could walk but was really out of it. I placed her on the bed where she seemed to gladly stay. By this time it was about three p.m. Since Buprenex made her zombie-like when I gave it to her last time after the thrombosis, I opted instead to give her the 3/4 or .75mg tab of Valium she would normally get at 6 p.m. She already had received a .50mg at noon. And I gave 1/2 Torsemide. In five minutes, she was calm and after ten more she was resting and sleeping after fifteen. By five p.m. she was up again and drinking. She didn't eat much this evening until bedtime when she ate a lot. I'm not sure what happened or what's still to come but she came through it. So, we had one more day with Myrna. Valium-as I've posted before-is the only safe psychotropic for those people or cats on Plavix. Your HCM cat may need it to use the litter box (all that lasix, water, and urinating can be bothersome, irritating); helps calm when it's storming; eases anxiety-like attacks when (as today) you can't figure out what's going on (it was the first time I had used it as such); etc.

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