Saturday, May 2, 2015

Elizabeth Taylor to the Vet for General Malaise

Lizzie went to the vet yesterday for general malaise-an issue a couple months old but I wasn't able to take care of it until Myrna was feeling better.  She isn't showing any signs of any gastro issues-no vomiting, no diarrhea, no fever-but she's just blah and sitting funny.  They took xrays which showed her stomach was packed with food four hours after eating which shouldn't be. May have low motility in the stomach. The drew blood and the only thing abnormal is that she has low chloride but otherwise blood values are normal and blood test for pancreatitis was normal. We are to give more water, more wet food, try fiber powder added to diet to help move food along, maybe a probiotic to help stomach digest, etc. She may need further testing like a scan if this malaise continues. 

Other than growling and hissing, she was well behaved. She didn't try to take anyone out. She has a caution on her chart for such bad behavior in the past.
Lizzie at vet on Wednesday

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