Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cat Updates-Myrna, Bette, Katharine, and Baby

May 26, 2015

Bette, Baby, and Katharine had blood work this past week. Bette received a shot last week of Convenia for her chin acne and that got rid of it quickly-she had a cyst so it was a bit more infected than the others. Baby's T4 value went up 2.6 to 3.1 and at ten years old she's considered in the gray zone for watching for abnormal thyroid level. But the Free T4 test-which should tell us if she's in hyper or hypo thyroid level-came back normal. We will continue to monitor her behavior at home and blood tests every few months. We've questioned the thyroid only because she's been "off" for about a year or so now: fussier, grouchier, not eating well enough (her weight maintains despite this at around 9.13 lbs.) She needed Trixin-hyloronic acid-for a year for mobility and that helped a lot. As for Katharine-clean as a whistle, perfect blood work all around. Baby and Katharine go to see the cardio for rechecks in two weeks.

Another week and Myrna's still doing well. Despite the loud canon sounds coming from an idiot neighbor this weekend-due to Michigan's too lenient fireworks law-she is doing well, breathing well, eating well, drinking a lot and all on her own, and getting around easily and playing and talking. We continue to monitor for breathing congestion, anxiety, clots and general disposition. As the heat increases outside, we've kept windows closed and fans going and that has kept the house reasonable. Soon, we'll need to run the AC portable units and monitor more closely the humidity levels, her breathing, and when she'll need Aerocat/albuterol asthma inhaler.

May 20, 2015
Little girl (Myrna) continues to do well. Now it's back to getting work done around the house-sans smells and noise. The ER vet may disagree but this "normal" phase is fine for her. She's up and about, eating, etc. things could change rapidly and so I'm not comfortable being out of ear shot/view but there's work that's been on hold that needs to proceed.

May 15, 2015
Well, it's been over a month since the cardio thought she was at the end; over a week since the thrombosis and not eating and she's ok so far and eating well enough despite meds and the occasionally syringe feeding. Hasn't been tapped since 4/23/15. Not dragging around, not looking too worn out. Odd biological clock: up and active and using litter box and wanting to eat overnight; slow and quiet in the a.m. into the early afternoon; eating more late in the day and early evening; then slowing down again before being perky again. This might be normal as our other cats sort of do the same.

May 14, 2015
For now we will skip today's scheduled cardio apt unless vet needs to see her. Breathing ok, we push extra diuretic as needed; syringe food and water as needed and monitor if she's not taking in enough on her own. Syringing food when she's not had enough seems to spur an appetite and she returns to eating more. I don't do it immediately. I wait half an hour to an hour after she's eaten the regular food and then syringe.despite daily 1/4-1/2 mirtazapine, she doesn't have much of an appetite-due to pain caused by heart, decline of kidney function, which leads to general malaise? Not sure-all if it and more I guess. It's just that mirtazapine should jump start the appetite and it's not. That is what is confounding.

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