Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Myrna Loy Doing OK This Past Week but Slowing Down


Myrna is fine, slowing down. But doesn't seem in pain, isn't hiding, doesn't seem uncomfortable. Breathing ok. Moving around fine. We are taking it one day at a time. She's been with us almost two weeks longer than the cardio thought.

She hasn't been eating today. I gave Mirtazapine and she ate very little this afternoon but not since. She vomited the KMR and tunajuice I gave her this evening. She's breathing ok. We gave more Pepcid. She has luckily been drinking well and urinating frequently.


She finally began eating something about 1 a.m. and continued to eat the wet food and some treats as the night went along-as she used her litter box and woke me to get praise and treats-our routine. She is breathing well at about 30. I'll get more mirtazapine today from the vet.


I gave Myrna 1/2 Mirtazapine which would normally keep her eating for two weeks. While she was hungry at dinner and ate well, she did not want to eat the rest of the night or overnight except one treat here and there. She did have me up all night using the box. Her breathing was 36 at bedtime so I gave her 1/2 Torsemide more an hour after her bedtime meds. She's breathing 28 today so I canceled the appointment with the cardio for a tap. I want to hold off as long as I can since it's such a drag to her system. She may need it in a couple more days. Since she's not eating well on her own, and Mirtazapine seems to make her edgy (may be also driving up her heart rate) when she's not eating, I don't want to give her more of the med yet. I'll monitor her intake and see what help she needs. Yes, she's slowing down.

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