Monday, April 20, 2015

Meditations on a Life Blessed with Myrna and Feline HCM-What Does It Mean?

Driving Myrna up to Novi on Saturday reminded me of how blessed or lucky we've been all these years simply getting her to the vet: the storms we got Myrna through without inducing CHF; the storms-both summer wild and winter deep with snow-we were able to avoid having to take her to the vet or cardio or ER at all or were able to put off until things subsided.

I say both blessed and lucky-which can be applied to so many things regarding her care (the doctors who saved her/the cardio and staff; the drugs we found generic and supplements we found that worked that were affordable; my old car that worked when it didn't want to/my husband's car that was newer that I could use in summer because it has AC/when I was able to get a new car that had AC [(joy of all joys-but I digress])-because as a Christian I want to praise God for this blessing called Myrna, to be thankful for all that He made possible for her and with her (this page/the blog/sharing and talking to all of you).

But by no means do I believe God has blessed one cat and not others; that God has provided for one and not others; that one's tragedy is more or less than another's. I don't believe sinners who get sick are punished by God and believers who get sick are blessed by God. I don't believe in seeing someone else's pain or struggle and saying "thank god that's not me" or "well, now I don't feel so bad because their situation is worse."

While there are times when we might focus too inwardly, and there are times when we should look outward and say "thankfully my life isn't like that"-the troubles in our lives, the pain we feel about any situation, is ours. No one else is dealing with it. No one else has your thoughts, complications, situations. Our lives are not single issue even if we tend to concentrate on an issue at it's peak-for example, Myrna's illness as of right now, which to quote WH Auden, seems to have "stop all the clocks".

Even when you go through similar situations, whatever pain you feel is yours and must be dealt with the best you can. No one else will really understand. We can all sympathize when we go through a similar situation but it's never the same. Much like a cake, there's a basic recipe but additional ingredients change the recipe. So, while I thank God, feel thankful, have felt so blessed by this blessing called Myrna, I in no way want to say that YOU are not likewise blessed if you do not feel towards your situation the way I feel towards mine and my belief in God.

Nor do I want to say that your cat is less blessed than mine. I don't know why God gave me Myrna, nor what I was meant to do other than save her life for as long as possible, and write here and at the blog. Not every situation must become a thing; some situations can be a learning experience-such as this one. But where do I go from here? I'm not brainy enough to be a vet let alone a vet tech (who must know as much as a vet by the way but with less schooling I believe.) Besides, I would yell at anyone coming into the vet's office who didn't follow the care and medication guidelines. I doubt I'd have a job for long.

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