Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Difficult Weekend with Myrna's CHF-Where CHF Is a Rollercoaster Ride with Extra Torsemide and a Return to Injections

Saturday  4/11/15

Myrna vomited middle of the night and this am. It was water and some undigested pills. Gave anti acid med at night and after this am. Slowly regiving am meds, spacing out supplements and vitamins, and gave 1/4 mirtazapine-appetite stimulant-since she didn't eat last night or this am. Also gave 3ml water by mouth this am and early am with her 6am dose of torsemide. She wasn't drinking enough on her own because she hadn't used the litter box but once overnight when usually it would be at least two or three times by then. Her breathing rate was up to 36 and forced about 7 pm Friday so we gave half a torsemide which helped but then she needed more after midnight. Then she vomited and I had to give yet another. Her breathing was fine today, and not at all forceful. It's hard to know what your cat may need at these times. Always slowly replenish water by mouth after they vomit; if you have regular Pepcid on hand-the only thing recommended for cats-give 1/4 tab; or 3ml of club soda; and give the diuretic again. If that stays down, give any other meds the cat may have vomited. Space out any supplements or skip if can but do try to keep up with the potassium doses.

Sunday  4/12/15

We continue to fight CHF with Myrna with constant extra torsemide Saturday and overnight. From midnight to midnight she had 35mg of torsemide vs normal 20mg a day. So far today 2.5mg extra with regular 5mg that she got at 5 am and not 6 am because breathing rate was up. Breathing rate has been a roller coaster of 36 to 56 and down again and up again. Instead of recovering for hours, the rate declines for only a couple of hours. She's also had rapid fluttering while also breathing normally. Imagine up down up down then flutter flutter flutter then up down, etc. She is drinking a lot and going a lot but it's not making much of a dent. Cardio said to give injection this am. We will at noon to replace her regular torsemide. Yuck-another injection, our first since December. I hate it as much as she does. We need to keep up her potassium and kidney supplements.

Myrna had lasix injection at noon. She's losing body fat so it was difficult to tent and inject. Took three pokes, no fun for her. Breathing rate is 36. Eating, drinking, is comfortable. I planned ahead today-unlike yesterday:called ER to see who was the vet working tonight and then told cardio and then we discussed a plan of action if needed. Always come up with contingency plans or protocols of action for extra diuretic, shots, trips to the ER, before you find yourself late at night wondering what should be the next step.

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