Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Prep for Summer and Feline Asthma Triggers

Getting ready to spring/summer prep the house. The snow in MI is melting and the temps are decent for a change-mid 40s. Since Myrna has asthma, and it triggers congestion and visa versa, I am researching triggers for asthma one of which is humidity, and how to control humidity. We already have two portable AC units. I think we need a third. We have one dehumidifier. I think we need a second one for the main floor even though the two AC units are suppose to also dehumidify by removing moisture. But it never seems to be enough as the main floors can seem clammy. I will buy two inexpensive in-home humidity LCD monitors which I can move around rooms to find where it needs to be cooler. The problem with our house is that while AC cools a section of the room, another section can be too warm or other rooms still too hot. This allows humidity to increase in rooms or pockets of rooms. We will also keep shades low-which we always do-to keep rooms cool. We will keep windows closed-unless I can keep Myrna out of a room, for those days when I might want to sit and have a moist cool/warm breeze blow in. But she can't be in opened windows, which she enjoys for sure. But any breeze at any temp can trigger asthma because of the presence of some level of humidity. And outdoor pollution/pollen also comes in. I will vac and damp mop floors 2-3 times a week. I need to change the type of mop I use because it allows water to sit on the floor. A damp floor leads to moisture in the air; can increase mites, mold, mildew, etc. All asthma triggers. And I will wash all cat blankets and bedding every two weeks. And I need to make sure the shelves in the basement are clean and clean under tables and such-places where they like to hang out in the summer. We already have a dehumidifier in the basement which helps to keep it dry, free of dampness and damp smells.


  1. Thank you so much for this article, been very helpful as my cat Kobe also has Asthma.

  2. Thanks for reading! Good luck. I bought humidity gauges and they work well.