Monday, March 9, 2015

Myrna Loy Feline HCM Visits Cardio to Have Fluid Withdrawn from Pleural Cavity

Myrna had her two week visit to the cardio for withdrawal of fluid from pleural cavity. She's been doing well this week. Hasn't needed extra Torsemide since two weeks ago; eating well enough; bright and alert and sometimes active. This time, only 2oz (8oz two weeks ago) had to be removed! Kidney values are still great-no improvement but no change: BUN 36 and creatinine 2.9. Potassium was up to 3.4 from 3.2-which does matter. Her afib unfortunately returned but there seems to be no real affect on her. She will return 3/23-the day after she and siblings turn six years old. If she's doing well, we can push appointment back to later that week. But the cardio still wants to see her about every 2 weeks to withdraw fluid. Unlike in December, when they withdrew 2oz but her breathing rate was up in the 50s per minute, which meant that she couldn't tolerate 2oz, she can now tolerate such a small amount before we see any problems.
Myrna Loy asleep on top of dresser

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