Monday, March 9, 2015

Litter Update and New Litter Scoop

We are using a metal, sturdier scoop to scoop up all the litter we now go through since Myrn'as been on Torsemide.

Now that she's on torsemide, Myrna Loy urinates a large amount and very frequently. We go through two and no longer one of freezer gallon bags in a day and over night of scooped litter. We use up a lot of litter during the week and must refill some boxes during the week. We have enough litter in the house to look as if we are building something out of concrete. When she goes a lot overnight, the used litter builds up in a corner of a box if she uses that box often. It sits like large chunks of glued in place, wet, sticky, concrete. The plastic scoop could no longer scoop through the thickness. Solution is this found on Amazon: a heavy, made of heavy metal, with attached heavy secured handle for only $12.00. It's a tad wider than the plastic scoop and weighs maybe a pound or so. Works like a charm. If you hate the way your plastic scoop works, get this one or something like it.

For your litter consideration-we use Wheat litter, Fresh Step litter unscented, Precious Cat, Cat Attract, and Clump and Seal litters. We tried the Clump and Seal light weight black litter but we do not like it. It doesn't clump as well and is light weight enough that it is scattered all over, beyond the litter boxes. But we do like the regular Clump and Seal which clumps tight and decreases odors better than other litters. Of course we scoop a million times a day but still, it gets rid of odors.

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