Monday, March 9, 2015

Jimmy Stewart Visits New Vet for Laser Treatments for Chin Acne

There's a new vet in town and she's on Myrna's Cats Living with HCM Facebook page.  She read about Jimmy's chin acne and her new practice has a new laser treatment machine. She invited us to come have a free laser treatment and visit the practice. Jimmy was really well behaved and wore his glasses. The laser wand is small, warm-not hot, and the skin doesn't peel as it would with humans.  While the Convenia shot curbed the redness and swelling, the laser treatments have healed his chin acne, almost after the first treatment.  He's had two so far and will have one this week. But each subsequent day after treatment, when I clean his chin with chlorhexadine pads, there is less and less debris coming off.  I highly recommend laser treatments for stubborn, infected chin acne. There are also other reasons for laser treatments. Call around and find a vet who does such treatments if you need anything.  
Jimmy Stewart getting new glasses! He wore these goggles today during his first laser treatment for his chin acne. He was a trouper!

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