Saturday, January 31, 2015

Update on Jimmy Stewart and Possible Pre-Diabetic Condition

Refer to blog posts from September 1 and September 8, 2014: Jimmy had dental surgery at MSU in September.  A blood test at the cardio, for a pre-surgical cardio echo (he was fine), showed higher than normal glucose levels. His follow-up fructosamine test proved negative (a test to determine if higher than normal levels of glucose have been present in the blood over the last 30 days.)

MSU tests showed high glucose and high fructosamine before surgery and normal levels while sedated.  So, we believe stress causes high glucose but that still is not good for his system. MSU believed that this could lead to eventual diabetes which brings on all other sorts of complications and medical risks.  MSU also thought high glucose levels were the cause of his out of box incidences for which he has been on Prozac since 2010.  Once the glucose gets too high for the body to handle-due to stress or diabetes-cats will feel the need to urgently go and often dump their urine where they are at the moment.  While this could be one reason for Jimmy's need for Prozac, we know that without Prozac he would have a difficult time using his litter box.

In October, 2014, he had follow up tests which were normal.  BUT the dental surgeon suggested we reduce his carbohydrate and sugar intake and feed him diabetic diet.  The regular dentist disagreed BUT in researching, I found that carbs are present in gravy and gravy cat food is one type that diabetic cats cannot eat.  Pate types of food are better.  So, we began in October to feed him pate and we believe we have not had any out of the box incidents from him since then.

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