Monday, September 1, 2014

Supplements to Use to Improve Feline Kidney Function

We mix krill oil-about 100mg depending on size of oil we buy, COQ10 100mg, vitamin E oil 100IU, (was using vitamin C powder-just a smidge-but concerned about negative interactions with heart meds), and about 1/2 ml of water, and about 1/8 of Gerber Baby's First Foods Sweet Potato into a small bowl.  I syringe it into a 3ml syringe and give it by mouth to Myrna (and was to Cooper.) It did help to improve Cooper's kidney values somewhat. We will see in September if they are improving Myrna's values or not. 
[Editors note: September blood work showed improvement for kidneys to filter out sodium, glucose, magnesium-values that were high in July; BUN dropped slightly from 34 to 31-a normal level, although creatinine rose slightly to 2.7 from 2.2)

 We give almost 1 ml of apple cider vinegar by mouth to combat stomach acid and to help the kidneys by preventing metabolicacidosis. I mix one part vinegar and one part water or more water as needed so that the cat can tolerate it.
 I ordered this from Amazon.
 This was ordered from Amazon.
 Nature Made and Sundown supplements seem to work well for Myrna. I give her 1/2 iron three times a week.  The Sundown Potassium is inexpensive but works well. I give 1/3 of a pill to her four times a day.
 I give 1/2 a B12 twice a week.  I give 1/4 of a magnesium three times a week.

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