Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Myrna's Bloodwork Shows Some Improvement-Extra Vitamins and Supplements Might Be Helping

Myrna's blood lab work looks really good.  The high glucose, sodium, and magnesium levels from July have decreased to normal; her BUN has decreased to normal; the creatinine is slightly higher (was 2.2 now 2.7 but was 2.7 in June.)  Her potassium level is up to 5 from around 3.  The vet believes the vitamins and supplements we give is doing a good job so far in assisting the kidney function.  

Myrna receives potassium tablets, sweet potatoes-excellent source of potassium, magnesium, iron, krill oil, COQ10, Vitamin E, iron, B12, and club soda (bicarb), and apple cider vinegar cut with water.  She will need more omega 3 and potassium and magnesium to try to combat the atrial fibrillation that has suddenly developed (blog post 9/8/14.)  And she will need more potassium and magnesium and vinegar to assist kidney function.  We need to determine the additional amounts required.  But it's all a guess, really. There's no research that I've found that says a 10lb cat requires an additional x#of mg/ml. 

Here is the vet's email:

"Her creatinine is mildly elevated at 2.7, but her BUN is normal and her electrolytes are all normal.  Your efforts have been fruitful as her potassium is at the high end of the normal range - this is fantastic.  Her urine is dilute as a result of her high diuretic doses.  Believe it or not, this is an indication the her kidneys are functioning - it requires effort from the kidneys to dilute the urine to a lower-than-normal specific gravity.  These lab results all indicate that is is reasonable to move forward the the increased Lasix dose that we discussed yesterday.  You can start the increased dosing of atenolol tomorrow as long as Myrna is feeling like her normal self.  If she is fatigued, weak, or breathing abnormally, we'll hold off a little longer."

(Lab results are only some of what was tested)

Urine Lab Results:
Appearance CLEAR
Specific Gravity 1.012 
pH 6.5  (5.5-7.0)

Blood Lab Results: 
Total Protein 6.7 g/dL  (5.2-8.8)
Albumin 3.7 g/dL  (2.5-3.9)
AST (SGOT) 31 IU/L (10-100)
ALT (SGPT) 78 IU/L  (10-100)
BUN 31 mg/dL (14-36)
Creatinine 2.7 mg/dL ().6-2.4 HIGH)
Phosphorus 4.3 mg/dL  (2.4-8.2)
Glucose 117 mg/dL  (64-170)
Calcium 10.2 mg/dL  (8.2-10.8)
Magnesium 2.5 mEq/L  (1.5-2.5) 
Sodium 153 mEq/L  (145-158)
Potassium 5.4 mEq/L  (3.4-5.6)

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