Saturday, September 20, 2014

Myrna Responds to Clindamycin

Update-they gave Clindamycin oral liquid antibiotic to Myrna. I gave it to her last night for the first dose. She will receive it twice a day. She was still very active last night and "high" on Mirtazapine so she ate well in the evening and has, for the last two days while on Mirtazapine, been very aggressive about getting at our food on our plates. She hasn't been this aggressive in about fouryears, ever since she discovered toaster waffles. This morning, she was perky and alert, not at all run down as she has been the last two mornings before taking Mirtazapine. She ate well but is having difficulty chewing. So, perhaps she does have an infection or abscess in the mouth we cannot see and unfortunately will never be able to xray due to anesthesia which she cannot-and most HCM cats cannot-undergo. BUT it's clear the antibiotic is helping. Not sure if it will cause gastro issues as Clavamox has in the past but we'll see. When I pilled her, the roof of her mouth did feel differently, more open. So, perhaps she's not nauseous from poor kidney values. But her kidney values did increase slightly and enough to be concerned. I will give her supplements for kidney support again. Perhaps not eating well enough the last few days did drive up kidney values. We will retest in a couple weeks or so providing she continues to eat. Not sure how long she can be on an antibiotic or if it will be something we do ten days on, ten days or so off, and then wait to see if she returns to not eating and then try them again.

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