Saturday, September 20, 2014

Myrna Develops Difficulty Eating and Has Poor Kidney Values-A Week Ago Values Were Fine

(Thursday, September 18, 2014)  Myrna isn't eating today and looks uncomfortable. She's needed extra 5mg lasix once a day since Monday and last night, we injected .25ml because breathing rate kept increasing. Rate decreased to 8 and seems good this a.m. But still it's something else. She's not eaten well enough all week and has trouble chewing. Have appointment with regular vet this afternoon and might see cardio tomorrow.

(Later in the day)  Myrna at vet today. Took xrays, CBC/chem panel with pancreatitis test, UA, blood pressure (100-102) and heart rate (162.) Both vet and cardio happy with bp and heart rate-sort of low bp but she handles it well and it's due to meds; sort of high heart rate but high due to vet visit and so assumed to be more normal at home and at rest, and it's lower than it was last week at the cardio visit. Cardio believes she's handling the increase in atenolol (now BID) to lower the heart rate. Xrays showed very slight congestion which we knew but no harsh sounds in lungs and no heavy pockets of congestion-good news. Her mouth, teeth, gums all seemed normal. Problem may be due to nausea, stomach acid or stomach upset. She responded well to Cerenia-a stomach calming med late in the afternoon; and ate very well beginning a minute after I gave her 1/8 of Mirtazapine.  Will suspend all unnecessary supplements for a few days. Will know blood and UA results tomorrow.

(Friday, September 19, 2014) The vet called with blood results for Myrna.  It's troubling.  In one week Myrna's BUN up to 41 from about 30 or so-but had been normal; creatinine from 2.7 to 3.2 or more-can't remember exactly. They think decline in kidney function is due to increase in lasix and the shot we gave Wednesday night caused the kidneys to hit their limit which does not bode well for her future ability to take more lasix if needed.  She needed mirtazapine yesterday and today to eat. She may need to take Pepcid. Now taking Cerenia. Concerned with difficulty eating so will give an antibiotic in case she has a tooth abscess that can't be seen . Not eating much last couple days and not eating at all Thursday until late in day after the blood work,  may have also driven up kidney values due to some dehydration-which is why you must give cats liquid food and water by mouth when they are not eating or even eating well enough. Will decrease lasix cautiously.  Currently on 18, 13, 15, 18mg per day; will cut back to 15, 13, 15, 18mg per day.   This puts her between a rock and a very difficult place: the afib in the heart which is a recent development will make it difficult for the heart to beat well enough to handle pumping and blood flow and congestion; a decline in kidney function will make it difficult for kidneys to process the diuretic process demanded of lasix.  The demand on both the heart and the kidneys will increase and yet the function will decrease. 

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