Monday, September 1, 2014

Jimmy Stewart to MSU for Dental Surgery-He Might Also Be Diabetic

At MSU for Jimmy Stewarts dental surgery. He was very calm in the car. Nervous being examined but so well behaved.

Despite June's fructosamine test that showed normal glucose-after the regular blood test showed an elevated level; and last weeks glucose was normal-Jimmy's glucose today is high, urine glucose is present and high (shouldn't be present) and fructosamine shows high. They believe he might be pre diabetic. Inflamed teeth could be causing pancreas reaction-it deals with body's inflammatory response; and stress does add to elevation; and internal dehydration-which shows in high albumin level-when that is not related to liver disease-may add to higher glucose. But fructosamine level is key. Once home and healed, need to retest blood and urine but now need to feed a diet low in carbs, high in fiber like humans. Control of spikes of sugar levels is key with diet and control of diabetes in the future.

Four teeth to be removed. Vet says we must brush every day every cat's teeth. If you can decrease gingivitis you can slow effects and resorption when it is active.

From the doctor's notes: "Feline resorptive dental disease...this incurable condition is the result of infection and inflammation at the gumline causing cellular growth that degenerates tooth crowns. Unfortunately, the only therapy is the removal of the affected teeth.  Daily home care and regular dental cleanings...are recommended..."

This is why I go to MSU for dental surgery and this is why it is important to take blood work and take it again.  Yes, we had normal blood values a week prior to dental surgery but MSU wasn't happy with the glucose levels. Had we not retaken both the blood work and the fructosamine tests, we may not have known about the possibility of a pre-diabetic existing condition.  Any other vet would have done the surgery; I would never have had the informative discussions with the dental surgeon about glucose and urinating out of the box (it can be a leading cause because the sugar spikes and makes the bladder feel full and creates an urge to dump the urine/sugar) and how spikes in glucose work and why diet is key. 

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