Monday, September 1, 2014

Feline Heart Disease-Take the Symptoms and the Disease Seriously

I know from experience from readers and our initial experience with Myrna that vets often downplay the seriousness of heart disease symptoms and even heart disease that is present. Heavy fast breathing, heart murmurs, congestion are signs of disease and shouldn't be ignored. An echo and diagnosis by a cardiologist is necessary. But even then, don't believe anyone who says there's a little damage, a little thickness, a little congestion and not to worry, the rest of the heart is fine, not much needs to be done, little or no med treatment is needed; and be concerned about a lack of quality vet care if you are not provided follow up care instructions and info. A little heart damage affects the entire heart function and the entire heart is compromised. A little heart disease is like a little cancer-left untreated and it gets worse.

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