Monday, September 1, 2014

Feline HCM and Kidney Values-Myrna Sees the Cardio for Issues

From Facebook post July 10:

Myrna only had slight congestion. Xrays clearer than when she had asthma. Leg pulses normal, blood pressure normal at 120, heart rate normal at 160. Potassium 4.8-higher than the usual 3.9 (for her-4.8 is more normal), and most other blood levels normal. BUN down a tad at 36 (from 38) and creatinine still at 22. (Those are high due to med effects on kidney function-a.k.a. kidney disease officially.) But other levels-calcium, sodium, magnesium, and some odd ones like CA2+ (ionized calcium) were high.No one knows why except that maybe it's due to a decrease in kidney function. Some of these are elevated in Cooper, also. No one knows why she had weak legs, why little congestion bothered her and made it difficult to breathe, why she was pushing air through her nose. She seems better now and perkier now that she's home. They gave her oxygen and lasix.

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