Monday, September 1, 2014

Cat Vomits Has Eye Infection-Given Metronidazole and Buprenex and Water By Mouth at Home

Facebook post from July 7 when Bette was sick and we needed to give more lysine to all the cats:

Update on Bette: saw the vet Monday. Since antibiotic Metronidazole that I had on hand (I had extra from May when Jimmy, Katharine, and Elizabeth came down with fever and diarrhea-they each received 7 days of pills but I got extra from the vet for any others that might be sick) and buprenex (pain reliever, fever reducer-a med two cats take for idiopathic cystitis [bladder issues]) worked to reduce the symptoms of her illness, and the vet saw nothing else that pointed to any other disease (further vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and that the med was working) we have continued the antibiotic for a seven day course. I have extra in case any other cat gets ill. So far, none have. She said to increase the lysine dose to 500mg a day from the regular 250mg we give. The "kittens" were exposed to the herpes virus when they were spayed and neutered and it acts up from time to time. It was a bear to get under control the first year for a couple of the cats but eventually, we found what works for each. We use Vetoquinol lysine pump that distributes 1ml that equals 250mg. It's great for herpes virus and any upper respiratory infection, uveitis, conjunctivitis. Lysine attaches to the herpes virus and does not allow it to work in the body. It works for people as well.

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