Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby Has Thyroid Condition? Vet Not Really Sure

Baby has had her thyroid values checked twice this summer. I took her to the vet back in the spring because she was acting funny.  Strangely enough, I thought she had a heart condition but she wasn't the one that turned out to have a heart murmur-that was Katharine.  Subsequent echo shows Katharine has a slight normal murmur but no indication of heart disease but will need annual echos.  She is Myrna's sister so could be predisposed to heart disease.  Meanwhile, Baby's thyroid values-T4 was 64, T3 1.1, Free T4 was 45, Free T3 was 3.4.

I have no idea what this means and the vet is unwillingly to put her on any meds yet.  Further testing and scans will be needed, probably at Michigan State Vet Hospital.   Baby has a check-up in November but I'm not sure if we should wait until then. Will need to discuss this soon with the vet. 

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