Monday, September 1, 2014

Aerocat Inhaler Mask Causes Lesion On Skin of Cat

From Facebook post August 1 about lesions on Myrna, yet again, this time caused possibly by the plastic inhaler mask:

 Myrna has a nasty lesion from a lasix injection we gave two weeks ago, which we do on an as needed basis if the lasix isn't working fast enough. And those times are rare and are caused by her inability now to deal with even slight air quality changes like humidity (despite closed windows, an asthma inhaler, and running the a/c unit, she still has issues all due to HCM.) Well, I asked the vet for Clavamox, the antibiotic for her lesion, intending to give her one a day for only a couple of days, long enough to have the antibiotic begin to heal the lesion without a prolonged period of diarrhea (which she encountered last year when on antibiotics for almost two weeks due to lesions-and the diarrhea began immediately.) She had some diarrhea last night but that was after violently vomiting up her food two hours after taking the med and then being lethargic for the rest of the night AND sleeping under the bed all night AND not coming out all night. Prayer and God's hand brought her out this morning about 9 a.m. and she had some treats. Then she came out and slept in the hall where I was by 10 a.m. able to get her, medicate her, give her fluids by mouth, and see that she began drinking on her own. Hopefully she begins to eat a bit today. I will give her more fluids by mouth to replace what she's not taken in. We gave fluids after vomiting which she kept down. But when a cat vomits, fluids by mouth or sub q by vet are required (depending on amount of dehydration-but sub q fluids are difficult to give an HCM cat for good reason) to compensate for loss of fluid or dehydration itself can make a cat-or person-feel even more sick and run down, leads to further loss of appetite, etc. Why did she vomit up after antibiotic? Is her stomach already upset due to heart meds or is this a sign of a decrease in kidney function? Blood work will tell but does she need blood work now? We are already doing for her what we are doing to support Cooper's kidneys-and his values are far worse than hers as of July. Being sick and going to the vet today might be more stressful for her. I think I will administer fluids and see if she eats and take the rest of the a.m. to decide if she needs the vet today. If she does not need the vet due to lack of appetite or lethargy, then blood work can wait a bit longer.

(Next day:)  Myrna update: has kept everything down; is eating small amounts; drinking on own; receiving fluids by mouth. We got Cerenia from the vet. Cerenia is an anti nausea med and it seems to help. The scab for the lesion finally came off. Last year, when a scab came off, the lesion quickly went away. If it heals on its own, I won't bother with Clavamox. If she needs Clavamox, I won't start that until Monday and only if she's fully recovered. And I might give half a dose, although that isn't recommended or else enough med will not be in her system to heal the wound. I could use Convenia, an antibiotic shot that lasts for a week-we've used it before on other cats without incident. But if she has a bad reaction to the med, it is in her system an entire week which might mean she would be sick for a week-not a good outcome. Best now to treat what symptoms are presenting today and go on from there.

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