Friday, May 30, 2014

Cats with Heart Disease Cannot Breathe Hot Humid Air

Summer is here even if not officially and we must prevent our cats from breathing hot, humid, muggy, stale air in order to prevent congestion. The air in your home affects how they breathe and if they become congested and how well they deal with congestion. Give your cats good air to breathe indoors: get rid of humidity in the house with dehumidifiers (stand alone units or attached to the automatic A/C unit) Keep the temps inside cool, not hot nor too cold. Run fans-maybe buy some of the "whisper quiet" fans. Run stand alone room units that exhaust through window screens (no need to remove the screen) or buy those you insert into an open window. If you have an automatic A/C in your home, set it for 70-74 degrees or whatever works to keep the air cool but not cold, and not hot and stale. And don't let the cat stay in the sun for too long. Even heat can trigger stress and stress triggers congestion. And keep them indoors as much as possible. Good luck!

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